Conversion Centered Design

Working in the advertising industry taught me to think about design from a completely different perspective, allowing to blend enterprise goals with the user's still in mind.


Landing Pages

As an Interaction Designer, I've consulted mid-tier businesses on site redesigns and advertising campaigns for better conversion rates.  I've also lead all critical landing pages developments, essential to many client's marketing campaign. 



While working under Directive Consulting, Mosaic asked me for a new page redesign. The page highlights important value propositions that helped define the company. Some of the elements utilize animation.css to help drive attention to key information. 


Phishlabs, a cybersecurity firm, asked me to create a landing page that would advertise one of their key services. This project was particularly difficult to research because of the niche market. Surprisingly, we had high success with generating new leads.


Formulators is a flooring adhesive company that is incredible passionate with what they do. Their product was far more superior than their competitors, but generating leads was another story. This landing page generated high value leads in the market.