UCI Parking

During a 3 month period, my team was tasked on creating a new informational system that would make UCI Parking Structures more efficient and technology friendly. Students would spend a huge amount of time wasted on trying to find a parking spot, making them late for class. We utilized what every student had, a smart phone, and used it to create a multi-use iOS application 


Affinity Diagram

Transportation is a broad topic with several issues, a network with an organizing feature is attractive for posting up basic themes and then organized them to clusters of similar issues. My team and I evaluated different solutions that would solve the parking problem at UCI.





We did extensive research on our subject, looking at different types of students that go to UC Irvine. Through extensive field observations and interviewing our target audience, we created a few crafted personas that allowed us to understand problems that arose in the user's daily lives.


After understanding the user, we designed three different solutions that would be the most realistically implemented. It highlighted how the user would interact with our design, and what potential problems could arise.








We chose to utilize the paper prototype method for our mobile application because it is very agile. If anything unexpected comes up it is very easy and cheap to modify the paper prototype to fit the new need. It also can be started from nearly scratch very quickly. No software needs to be purchased and there is no time need to familiarize yourself with the order.