Rap on Trial

Rap on Trial aims to provide support and resources for underground rappers who are wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit

During a 3 month period, we worked with the client to create a brand new website with the purpose of educating the public on current issues regarding convictions of rappers. Built with under a wordpress platform, it allowed us to tap into the extensive wordpress community and it's ease-of-use made up for our lack of coding experience.

Methods Used

  • Heuristic Evaluations

  • Cognitive Walkthroughs

  • Semi-Structured Interviews

  • Satisfication Surveys

Client needs

  • Clear and Minimal Aesthetics

  • Flexible and Efficient use

  • Consiste and Common theme

  • Logical and Unconstrained Navigation


Navigation Bar  

We researched popular wordpress sites and followed industry standards. However, we also needed to fulfill the client's need to emphasize important sections of the web site.

Home Page

After multiple feedback sessions, The Rap on Trial Homepage changed from a new age media site to an academic research site. We made several changes to the site organization, logo, and the wording of our content.