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During our senior school year, me and three others work diligently to produce marketable material for the product launch as well as creating the wireframes for our iOS application, The Habittack. The launch of our application in the App Store and Kickstarter Campaign begins in Fall 2015. My time at The Habittack involved the creation and design of the entire application process, creating website, interacting with developers and executive partners, and leading the beta test

Who Are We?

The Habittack is start-up company here to help you break your bad habits and build good habits. The application encourages our users to keep track of their goals using social-media as the primary motivation. 




Download it in the App Store     

User Research

Coordinating my first beta test taught me how to organizes and manage beta testers professionally. I started with a group of 24 beta testers, carefully chosen by members of the founding team. I employed a private facebook group to communicate with the group.

We divided the testing into three distinct sections.


Initial Report 

We looked for:

  • First impressions on look and feel
  • Clear explanations with tutorial
  • First action taken
  • Purpose of the application


Progress Report

We asked users to report on:

  • Problems/Failures encountered and steps to reproduce
  • Interaction Issues and suggestions to better experiences
  • Misc. notes section for any other comments 


Post Beta Test

We asked users to complete:

  • Most liked & disliked features
  • Review of the overall application
  • A competitive survey to exist applications
  • Honest Testimonial